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Take Two: Hard Disk Backup
Three Steps. That's what Adaptec claims is all you need to backup your entire hard disk. It's sounds a bit exaggerated, but it gets the job done.  

Select Backup Source

Step 1:  Select Backup Source - You can choose which drives you want to backup (the default is all drives). However, there is no way you can choose to copy specific folders only. You will have to use Easy CD Creator instead, not Take Two. It will then tell you how many CDs are required, depending on the size of each drive you are backing up. 

Select Backup Source

Step 2: Select Backup Destination - This is simple enough, as you just have to choose the CD-Recorder to be used. If you do not have DirectCD, or if Take Two cannot identify a CD-R/RW device compatible with DirectCD, the application will not list any devices on this screen. Excerpt from the Take Two help file : "You can use the Advanced button to manually change the destination of a backup file or to limit the size of individual files in the backup set. For example, you could use the Advanced button to store a backup file onto a network share, a Zip disk, or a Jaz drive. You could also store all of the backup files in your backup set to a single hard drive, limiting each file to no more than 640 MB. Later, you could write these to a CD-ROM on systems that do not have DirectCD."

Select Backup Destination

Step 3: Start Backup - As the name suggests, this starts the backup. If you do not select all of the drives available in your system, a message will appear, warning you of this fact. As a result, your backup will not be usable for a complete system recovery.


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