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Video CD Creator
Ever thought of burning all your MPEGs into VideoCD format so that you can watch them on your 61" TV? Well, Video CD Creator is a program which allows you to do that! 

VideoCD Creator Wizard

Take note that not all MPEGs can be converted into VideoCD format successfully. Video CD Creator is very particular about the original format of the MPEG you are going to convert. Firstly, your MPEG file must conform to the White Book format. 

There are two data areas for MPEG data on a Video CD:

  • The Audio/video Tracks area
  • The Segment Play Items area

In the Audio/video Tracks area, every MPEG sequence is stored as a separate track. MPEG data stored in this area is restricted to MPEG files that contain both video and audio. Usually, this is the area where Video CD Creator tries to store MPEG sequences. Video CD Creator adds the MPEG files to the discís file system in a directory named MPEGGAV and the files are named either MUSICxxDATE OR AVSEQxx.DAT where xx is a number.

The Segment Play Items area is more versatile than the Audio/video Tracks area and can include MPEG data containing the following:

  • Audio and video
  • Video only
  • Audio only

MPEG still images can also be stored in the area. Each MPEG sequence is added to the discís file system in a directory named SEGMENT with a file name of ITEMxxxx.DAT where xxxx is a number. Items in this area cannot be played on a CD-I player.
The maximum bit rate (MBR) for MPEG files is 1,377,600 bits per second.

The MPEG video data stream has three possible formats:

  • NTSC
  • Film
  • PAL

The following table lists the picture size and picture rate for each format :

Format  Picture Size Picture Rate
NTSC 352x240 29.97 Hz
Film 352x240 29.976 Hz
PAL 352x288 25 Hz

The maximum video stream bit rate varies. For tracks, the rate is 1151929.1 bits per second. For the segment area, the rate is limited by the maximum bit rate and the requirements of the Audio data stream. The video pack size is 2324 bytes.

MPEG Audio Parameters:

  • Layer 2
  • Sampling Frequency 44.1 kHz


  • For audio/video tracks 224KBits/sec
  • For segment area ranges 0 to 384 kBits/sec


  • Stereo 
  • Dual Channel 
  • Intensity Stereo 
  • Single Channel only allowed for segment area
  • The audio pack size is 23304 bytes.

As a source, you can use MPEG system files which are interleaved video and audio and MPEG video files where Video CD Creator allows the interleave with audio data in MPEG audio.

Errors shown by Video CD Creator with an improper MPEG file

You will most probably need to resample your current MPEG file to meet the specifications. This is arguably the most tedious part and may well offset the advantages of playing your favorite MPEGs on your Video CD player.


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