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I will now touch on the miscellaneous programs available in Easy CD Creator v4 Deluxe :

Jewel Case Creator : This program allows you to create custom CD jewel case labels as well as CD labels. Well, I usually use the software that comes with my CD labelling kit.

The good thing about the Jewel Case Creator is that it comes with a variety of themes which include different graphics and text layouts for audio and data CDs. You can add your own graphics, customise backgrounds and change the layout and style of the text to have your very own personal look.

Session Selector : Session Selector allows you to access the multiple sessions recorded in a multisession CD. A session is a recorded area on a CD containing one or more audio or data tracks. A CD can have either a single session (as is the case with most audio CDs) or multiple sessions which are called multisession CDs. Normally, you can access only the last session written on a multisession CD. The Session Selector allows you to choose and access other sessions on the same CD.

Session Selector

Using the Session Selector, you can choose which session on a multisession CD you want to access—meaning that you are not limited to accessing only the last session. The Session Selector displays available CD-ROM, CD-R, and CD-RW drives attached to your computer. When you select a specific drive, the Session Selector displays the sessions on the CD from which you can choose to activate.

Now you do not need to worry about whether your version of EasyCD Creator is outdated. By using the Web-Checkup program (akin to WindowsUpdate) you can be sure that you have the latest version at the click of a mouse.



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