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After so much blabber about the software, I must say that Adaptec really put in a lot of effort in it. Easy CD Creator may easily be your favourite "Swiss-Army" CD-Burning software. 

However, the lack of overburning continues to nag die-hard overclockers such as me. What is overburning, you ask? To put it simply, the capacity of a CD-R disc is calculated to allow enough space to hold at least 74 minutes of Red Book audio data and 90 seconds of digital silence. The silent area is called the "lead-out", and is included so that a CD player will realize that it has reached the end of the disc, especially during fast-forwarding.

When a recording program tells you the exact capacity of the disc, ithis does not include the area reserved for the lead-out. There's nothing magical about this reserved area though. With the right kind of setup and a willingness to accept write failures, you can put data into the reserved area, possibly even into a few blocks past the end of it. This is often referred to as "overburning" a disc.

Nero allows you to overburn

Though I will not recommend overburning (it spoils the laser head of the drive after prolonged usage) it's pretty handy for copying those VCDs that are a tad longer than 74 minutes.

Adaptec Easy CD Creator V4 Deluxe is a major improvement over the previous versions, incorporating a host of new programs which helps you to perform CD burning more efficiently. This program is suitable for beginners/intermediate users. But if you are a self-proclaimed advanced user who walks on the edge and use features like track extraction and overburning, you might want to consider others.

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