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With the increasing popularity and falling prices of CD-Recordable (CD-R) drives, many are finding CD-R drives within their budget. A CD-R drive has tremendous benefits. It allows you to backup your data cheaply and reliably. Data stored in a CD lasts for many years and the media is compact and easy to store. Unlike tape cartridges, which need a dry place for storage, you do not require such special conditions for a CD-R disc. 

Adaptec EasyCD Creator v4 Deluxe

A CD-R disc is well accepted as the ideal medium for data storage, data distribution, software authoring, and multimedia due to its cost effectiveness and the almost religious proliferation of CD-ROM drives worldwide. As the CD-R disc is a write-once medium, the recorded data has inherent protection against accidental removal.

There is a plethora of CD-R software out in the market such as Easy CD Creator, Nero, WinOnCD, et cetera. I use Easy CD Creator to backup my files (it has an easy-to-use interface) and Nero for CD-to-CD copying as well as MP3 to Audio CD creation.

Adaptec announced the release of the Easy CD Creator 4 on September 10th, 1999. With its release, host of new features have been added, allowing you to have more fun out of your CD-R drive. Some of the new features include:

  • MP3 Music Support

  • DirectCD 

  • Take Two

  • Music CD Creation Tools

  • Liquid Music MPlayer

  • Animated CD Guide

  • Web Checkup

  • Access to CDDB Disc Recognition

  • Improved CD Spin Doctor

  • MGI PhotoSuite II SE

  • MGI VideoWave II SE
    Photo Album Creation

  • Video Postcard Creation

  • Jewel Case Creator

Easy CD Creator 4 Deluxe goes way beyond the software that came with your CD-Recorder, and all earlier deluxe editions. Now it's easier than ever to create music, photo, video, and data CDs. Access music on the Internet. Fine-tune your music tracks. Edit and enhance photos and videos with a pro's touch. Save and share data with confidence. And, CD Guide™, a new animated character, takes you through the steps of creating your CDs.

With support for MP3 Music Support, all you need to do to create audio CDs is to drag-and-drop the MP3 files onto the CD Layout, skipping the traditional way of converting the MP3s into .WAV format (.WAV is a standard Windows format for sound files) before adding them to the CD Layout. DirectCD is now integrated into Easy CD Creator v4 Deluxe and is your usual software for your CD-RW drive.

One interesting new feature is Take Two. Take Two is a disaster recovery software which lets you safely backup and restore your hard disk in 3 easy steps (more on it later).

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