Elsa Erazor 3 + Revelator 3D Glasses - Page 2

First Impression Of The Card
From the past Elsa cards I’ve seen, they’ve struck me as an uncompromising group that consistently use the best available components for all their graphic cards. However, when I opened up the Elsa Erazor 3 box, I was rather startled to note how things seemed to have changed.

I originally expected an intricately designed PCB board (similar to the Canopus Spectra I reviewed earlier) with advanced circuitry.  However, what I was greeted with, seemed rather unsophisticated in my opinion:

The Erazor in its past glory?? Just look at the size of those capacitors – kinda reminds me of an on-board refinery…  

But despite the simplistic looking card, the manual is indeed comprehensive and concise. It covers all the way from basic installation to performance tweaking. A good write-up on the player / capture software is also included. It even has an entire section dedicated to explain 3D graphical terms and theory!

A decent manual finally! Though not in colour, as long as you can read, it’ll deliver…  

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