Elsa Erazor 3 + Revelator 3D Glasses - Page 3

First Impression Of The Glasses
Regarding the Elsa Revelator, it impressed me as an electronic form of 3D stereoscopic spectacles used in watching 3D movies. It works in similar fashion, principally utilising a kind of electronic filter that projects 3D pictures to the user via slightly “mis-aligned” images rendered onscreen. Aesthetically speaking, it does look decently cool and works non-intrusively when worn.

Nah, it doesn’t protect against UV light; neither does it work outdoors…

The Revelator actually comes in 2 flavours (as seen in the bundled manual) – an Infra-red or cable version. The sample reviewed is based on the cable version, with an adjoining cable that connects between the monitor and the Erazor’s 15-pin VGA output.

Not to worry, the cable is long enough so that it won’t be yanked off upon excessive gaming movements from the user…  

However, the bundled Revelator manual is rather lacking and covers just the main points of setting up the Glasses for use.

Who cares how it looks? I can’t see through
the specs for myself anyway. Give me the low-down…

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