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Okay, here’s just a rundown on the specs of the card + glasses:

Elsa Erazor III

  • Nvidia RIVA TNT2 chipset
  • 32MB of Synchronous Video Memory + up to 128MB of AGP texture space
  • 300MHz Pixel Clock Frequency (RAMDAC)
  • Optional Video-In and Out version for video capture and games on the big screen for Win 98/95
  • Two independent 3D rendering pipelines
  • AGP 2x / 4x support
  • Flash BIOS with VBE-3.0 support
  • Optimised for PIII systems with SSE support
  • 2D features: 128-bit 2D acceleration, optimized pipeline for 8-, 16-, 24- and 32-bit color depths
  • 3D features: Multi-texturing, bump mapping, texture modulation, light mapping, reflection mapping, environmental mapping, procedural texturing, the full range of DirectX6 blending modes, table fog, shadow stenciling, bilinear-, trilinear- and 8-tap anisotropic texture filtering, MIP mapping
  • Monitor: D-shell (15 pin)
  • Dimensions: 157 x 104 mm (not including mounting bracket)
  • Graphics Standard supported: Direct3D, OpenGL®, DirectDraw, DirectVideo, DirectX 6.1

Elsa Revelator Glasses

  • Real 3D in practically every Direct3D game or every Direct3D application (without patches required)
  • Full 3D resolutions in games: 1280 x 1024 pixels
  • Full color display in games with 16-bit or 32-bit color depths
  • ELSA Dyna-Z™ for optimal adjustment to the spatial relationships within the scenery
  • Flicker free with max. 140-Hz shutter speed
  • Complete field of view, high value LCD shutter glasses with high translucency and darkening
  • Multi-player capability—four sets with cable the version or eight sets with infra-red
  • Ergonomic design—wireless with infra-red technology or the cost-effective version with cable
  • Supports ELSA VICTORY™ II, ELSA WINNER™ II, ELSA ERAZOR™ II and ELSA ERAZOR™ III.  Recently, Elsa had released beta drivers to support any TNT2 card.

Yo, what games / demos do they come with?

Software Bundle
Okay, so with a name like Elsa’s, we’d expect some heavy-duty software bundled with it. Let’s see what we get:

Elsa Erazor 3

  • 02 x CD-ROMs – 01 x 3D-Demo disc; 01 x Winnerware Drivers / Utilities disc

Yup, that’s all folks. It doesn’t come with any games bundle at all. Perhaps the standard Elsa TNT2 board was targeted for economical users in mind, who would prefer to buy their own games. On the other hand, the drivers / utilities by Elsa are pretty interesting as seen in the extensive control applets via screenshots below:

A point to note that it seems the Elsa TNT2 chip used on the card has a revision B attached to it. Don’t really know what this means, but practically it definitely doesn’t translate to much better overclocking capabilities as seen later.

My only gripe is that there isn’t a screen position control monitor applet that allows one to position the screen within the monitor via software. In addition, there should have been an overclocking tool like that of Canopus’ and Creative’s. Guess Elsa isn’t encouraging overclocking at all and we’ll soon find out why in the next few pages.

Besides this, the bundle does come with a decent video playback / capturing software called MainActor. I didn’t really try this out, as the card I had did not have Video In/Out connectors. From the detailed manual descriptions, it does look filled with features and I believe it supports MJPEG play as well…

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