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To 3D Or Not To 3D?!
In summary, the Erazor 3 board is a decent TNT2 board and very much up to standard with the other brands. However, it lags slightly in its overclockability (esp its memory) and price. But ultimately, there are other boards in the market that offer better bang for buck like Creativeís and Diamondís in terms of pure overclocking performance. In the past, the only unique selling point of the Elsa was typically the ability to add on the Revelator for a truly 3D experience. However, with Elsaís opening of the Revelator to all TNT2 cards, it has lost the crucial distinct edge that it held in the past.

In regards to the Revelator 3D, I have no qualms of getting one myself as a 3D gadget. However, if I do get it, it will be more for experiencing 3D demos and stuff, and not for actual gameplay.

Why? Well, I must confess that Iím not used to wearing dark glasses. And with the degradation in image quality, it makes me feel rather disadvantageous in multi-player gaming scenarios where image clarity is a pre-requisite in finding and killing an opponent fast. In addition, the drop in frame-rate has me concerned.  Although games are still playable by most accounts, future games are in question.

Lastly, the 3D effect is just too good!! Yeah, I mean itís too darn realistic that I end up feeling queasy after several minutes of disorienting Descent 3 play. Unless youíre slated to be a Top Gun trainee with flying experience that has rendered you immune as such, Iíll stick with the normal 2D view for nowÖ

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