Elsa Erazor 3 + Revelator 3D Glasses - Page 1

By Wy Mun
Hardware One

Recently, I was asked if I'd be interested in this 'assignment' to review the Elsa Erazor 3 (non-Ultra) + Revelator Glasses. Now, I have a 32MB V770 (non-Ultra) myself. So in relative terms, an Elsa Erazor Board sporting a TNT2 chip isnít that much of a ďturn-onĒ. But the Revelator Glasses is a different story.

Even though Iíve physically seen the glasses on demo at a few SLS shops on various occasions, I hadnít a chance to try it out yet. Why? Cos I would always find enthusiastic kids hogging the glasses, whilst interested bystanders just watched and waited aimlessly for their turn at witnessing true stereoscopic, 3D games at play.

In any case, I just couldnít pass off this opportunity, especially after Elsa is slated to release drivers for their glasses for use on any TNT2 card. This would be a great chance to see if it delivers.

Cool!  Now letís dawn on those Shades?

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