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Software, Drivers and Utilities
The host of function and utility that came bundled is impressive to say the least. For the price you pay, you get the following:

  1. Drakan from Psygnosis (Full version)
  2. 3D Demo Sampler
    • MS DirectX 6.1 Update
    • 3D Mark 99 Max, Gamers Benchmark
    • Drakan Psygnosis
    • Driver, GT Interactive
    • Expendable, Rage Software
    • Grand Prix 500, MicroProse
    • Mechwarrior 2, MicroProse
    • N.I.C.E 2, Synetic
    • Rollcage, Psygnosis
  3. CorelDraw Select Edition: Corel Draw 7 and Corel PhotoPaint 7.
  4. Drivers and Utilities disk
  5. ELSAmovie DVD Player (only with Erazor X2)

It is quite a bundle if you have some use for them.

Software Setup

Much like Diamond's InControl Tools, ELSA has their WINman suite conspicuously occupying your system tray and providing you with convenient access to your video card setup. This was the first thing I noticed after the software installation, and I reckon its need to be on the system tray would be different from user to user. I have it disabled. :)

Here's the thorough set of control panels you can use to tweak that GeForce to your heart's content:


More interestingly, here's some 'Advanced' panels I think deserving to be shown blown up:

Getting really up close and personal with your monitor!

Monitor tweaks for the damn hardcore!

See the sceenshot below! For overclocking, ELSA has got this really pretty tab page to do the job, and why they left it out for the DDR is beyond me!

Overclock away! But why isn't this on the DDR?!

Last but not least, ELSA also threw in their own ELSAmovie DVD player with the Erazor X2 DDR. It is a simple player that gets the job done but I prefer WinDVD over this any time.

ELSAmovie player

Ok, so much for the garnishes, let's move on to the meat of things and see how the hardware performs!

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