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Benchmarks #2: Quake III Arena (Retail)

Test procedure

  • "Normal" and "High" quality modes were used, and only the resolutions changed.
  • "Super High Quality" refers to a customized setting with EVERYTHING tuned to the highest setting (texture and geometry).
  • Other factors:
    • Simple items: OFF
    • Marks on wall: ON
    • Ejecting brass: ON
    • Dynamic lights: ON
    • Identify target: ON
    • High quality sky: ON
    • Sync every frame: OFF
    • Force player model: OFF
    • Draw Team Overlay: OFF
    • High quality sound: ON
    • A3D: OFF

640x480 Resolution

At this resolution, the test was mostly CPU limited with no noticeable change in performance, even as we moved from Normal to High quality mode. However, the cards dropped about 4 fps across the board when pushed harder using Super High Quality setting.

There are no comparable differences between the ELSA and Creative cards as they ran neck-to-neck and neither are there significant differences between the SDRs and DDRs. Anyway, you won't buy the GeForce to run at this resolution! Move on...

800x600 Resolution

Here we see the gap developing between the SDRs and DDRs, with the fastest besting the slowest by a 10 fps margin. Still, the Erazors cruised right alongside the Annihilators.

1024x768 Resolution

This is surely the resolution that most players SHOULD be concerned with. Anyone with a 17" or greater monitor will want their fps at this res, and this is where you will kill to get yourself a DDR.

All self-respecting FPS gamers want to play at this resolution and if you demand only the best eye-candy, the Erazor X2 DDR delivers the magical 60 fps. Most definitely, and I stress again, a DDR is a must.

Down here, the Erazor X2 DDR leads the Erazor X SDR by over 10 fps in High Quality tests and almost 15 fps with eye-candy tuned to the highest. Also, note that overclocking the DDR paid nice dividends in the achieving the elusive 60 fps.

Next, as we expected, there is no noticeable performance difference between the Erazor and Creative GeForces in any way.

1280x1024 Resolution

The greatest divide in performance between the SDRs and DDRs is seen here. Interestingly, if you MUST absolutely play at this resolution (why?!), then you know what I will recommend.

And once again, no noticeable differences between the Creative and the ELSA cards.

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