ELSA Erazor X and X2 - Page 8

Let it be known that all the GeForce cards perform just like each other and why you should choose one card over another would ultimately boil down to how important you rate these: price, bundle, brand name, warranty, and miscellaneous features such as TV-out and support for stereoscopic glasses.

The ELSA Erazor X and X2 are very well engineered pieces of hardware. Along with the generous bundle, comes excellent documentation, a rich and functional set of utilities for tweaking, and an incredible 6-year warranty (1 year local, 5 years manufacturer) that all points to exceptional dedication to quality, and thus setting them apart from many competing manufacturers.

Finally, depending on whether you would spend the extra dollars on these features, the Erazors are just about as good as any other GeForce cards out there. I would not hesitate to recommend these to anyone, but one thing is for sure: If you have S$100 extra to spare, get a DDR over the SDR!


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Thanks to B&H Trading for providing the evaluation units.

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