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By Wilfred
Hardware One

It has been some time since nVidia announced the GeForce 256 chip - the “Graphics Processing Unit”.
A day before that fateful announcement, S3 released a nearly similar game plan. Their upcoming Savage2000 would also have a transform and lighting engine and boast an even faster core. It was then difficult to separate fact from hype.

Assuming the full promise would be demonstrated upon release, these cards heralded a new era to consumer desktop graphics acceleration.

However, what we witnessed in the debut of the first SDR GeForce crop (namely from Creative in Singapore) did not seem to rock the world. Whilst some put it as immature drivers, some called nVidia bluff; and as it turned out to be, it was both immature drivers as well as memory bandwidth limitations of Single Data Rate RAM.

Add to that, T&L-enabled games are not expected to ship in 6 months, and S3’s ‘Diamond-studded’ (pun intended) Savage2000 card would be soon arriving. Considering these, people had every reason to wait for the dust will settle and grass to grow… even if the SDR happened to be the fastest then.

Very quickly, things only got better with improved drivers and dipping prices. But still the hardcore gamers hesitated and refused to succumb until they saw the magical 60 fps in Quake III Arena.

Enter the Double Data Rate RAM GeForce!

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