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First Impressions
Due to the immense hype about the product, I was led to believe that it would boast some technological feat. At the back of my mind, I was probably expecting it to be foldable, transformable or maybe be able to glow in the dark!

At first glance, the Large Attack Pad is basically a black oval chopping board with a portion chipped off at the bottom. The sides of it are curved and smoothed. A large logo of Quake III Arena is boldly printed on the surface. It actually looks like something taken off from a Batman movie. The bottom of the Pad sports six rubber stops for a firm grip on the desktop. It may sound odd, but a chopping board is the best way to describe the textured surface of the Attack Pad. But Mum's chopping board never looked this kewl….

The Attack Pad is virtually indestructible as it's made of a very hard plastic. Washing it with soap is not a problem as it dries easily and does not absorb moisture. The Attack Pad sports fine even bumps on its surface and they provide the mouse with a good tactile surface. This is also the reason why a regular kitchen chopping board will not do as a mousing surface. A regular chopping board possesses an irregular surface and mouse movements can be rather unpredictable. Dirt and gunk will fall through the depressions on the surface while the mouse travels on the bumps. This reduces the accumulation of dirt particles on the mouse ball and rollers.

Applications/Games Impressions
The first thing you notice when using the Attack Pad is that mouse movements are more sensitive than when using the cloth mousemats. Moving the mouse the same distance on the Attack Pad will result in further cursor movement onscreen as that using the traditional mousemats. This may not translate into much in the use of applications such as Word and Photoshop, but it can make a difference in FPS like Quake III Arena, Unreal Tournament and Half-Life. I will use my experience in UT to describe the performance of the Attack Pad in FPS.

My Logitech Mouseman Wheel and its New Sidekick, the Large Attack Pad.

In UT, turning a full 180° to face an assailant on your trail is vital to avoid being jumped from behind. Using a cloth mousemat, doing a full turn involves sliding the mouse almost to the edge of the mousemat. The ensuring circle strafe will mean either pushing the mouse over the edge or taking a pause to lift the mouse and place it somewhere in the middle of the mousemat. The workaround is usually to adjust the mouse sensitivity settings in the game, but the result can be too extreme at times. I personally find that my desired mouse sensitivity in UT cannot be achieved just by adjusting the slider in the game. The Attack Pad provides that extra "touch".

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