EverGlide Large Attack Pad - Page 3

The Good
The EverGlide Large Attack Pad is really a great mousing surface. I was a little unused to the product when I first tried it but a little adaptation was all it took for me to greatly appreciate it. I may not have changed as many mouse pads as video boards but the Attack Pad has to be the best mousing surface I've used to date. Even if my current Attack Pad got destroyed (almost impossible through normal use) somehow, I would not hesitate to get another!

The Bad
The only bummer I can dig up on the Attack Pad is its price. The reason : It has one (about S$23)! Cheap giveaway mousemats might be much more inferior, but they are free afterall. Hopefully trade shows will give away custom printed EverGlide mouse pads in the near future.

An EverGlide mouse pad is really a great investment considering that it can probably be used for a lifetime of computing. The mice we use everyday deserve our attention and as frequent users of computers, we owe it to ourselves to get one.

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