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By Yingzong
Hardware One

Many of us take for granted the faithful rodents which greet our hands every day, much less the road they travel on for our sakes. Quite a number of users have been using the cheap cloth-based mousemats given away during trade shows and exhibitions for years. These cloth mousemats have an almost magnetic attraction to dirt, dust and lint. Amazingly, these cheap mousemats also have the same attractive quality in finding themselves on the desktop of users. Yeah… the magic of freebies. As a result, degradation in mouse sensitivity and performance is a problem which many users face but ignore! Cleaning the ball and rollers of the mouse will only alleviate the problem to a certain extent because the mousemats will degrade with time, not to mention that they are of inferior quality to begin with. Some users are incorrigible and just grab another free mousemat to repeat the process all over again.

A number of discerning users do realise the need to provide the mouse with a good surface on which to move. The 3M Precision Mousing Surface (PMS) has been a popular favourite among many. Fellow Editor Wilfred has been a fervent user of one for some time. Less dirt accumulated on the mouse pad means less dirt accumulated on the rollers of the mouse. This in turn, translates to a smoother and relatively trouble-free mousing experience.

Recently, the EverGlide brand of mouse pads have been the talk of the town. The numbers of thumbs up given to these mouse pads from reviews have been staggering. I was fortunate to obtain a Quake III Arena Large Attack Pad from Silicon Horizon for evaluation. So far, I've been using it for 3 weeks in a variety of games and applications. The verdict? Another thumbs up!

The EverGlide Quake III Arena Large Attack Pad. "IMPRESSIVE."


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