Sony Multiscan CPD-G500 21" Monitor - Page 4

With such a big monitor, it must be very hot right?
By all accounts, the monitor should be hot enough to feel like an oven. We all know that heat is bad, especially so for monitors because the CRT will then be running in a very high temperature environment. Sony managed to tackle this problem by encasing the CRT in a gigantic metal cage.

Notice the metal cage beneath the plastic casing?

Metal cage helps to dissipate all the heat from the CRT into the surrounding air

Menu Interface
I hated the new DisplayMouse Control™ interface initially. It was difficult to navigate and access monitor settings. The button is situated beneath the monitor and it basically allows you to press up/down/left/right to select menu screens. To confirm your choice, just depress the button. Sounds simple, right? But the awkward positioning of the button always led to me pushing the button UP. It actually took me a few days of practice before I could accurately navigate the menu options. 

Nice to look, hard to press

Nice interface awaits you after pressing the menu button

Even though the DisplayMouse Control™ had a pretty steep learning curve for me (probably due to my large paws), I got familiar with its feel after a few days. I must say the OSD menu is clear and intuitive with an icon that clearly explains each particular setting.

One of the settings to fine-tune the monitor

Yup, 9 languages supported by the monitor! Hmm, is it Y2K compliant?

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