Sony Multiscan CPD-G500 21" Monitor - Page 5

How Does A 21" Compare To A Normal Monitor?
Size does matter. Period. 

1600x1200 resolution

The above is what you can see when the 21" is running on a 1600x1200 resolution. Notice how many news articles you can view without scrolling?

1280x1024 resolution

At 1280x1024, you can still view past the TNT2 graphics card image plus a bit of the second news article.

1024x768 resolution

Ah, at 1024x768 on a conventional monitor, you can't even view past the TNT2 graphics card image! What a loser!

How Is The Text Quality?
I must say that text quality is superb. Text quality is something which I'm rather particular about. Remember, the G500 is using aperture grill with an aperture grill pitch of .24mm. The F500 is actually better with a grill pitch of .22mm. Crisp!

G500. Notice the clarity of the text?

Mitsubishi Diamond Scan 17HX. Text is blurry.


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