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The full monty of the G500 21" Monitor

21" Of Luv
Sitting in front of me as I type this document is Sony's latest offering, the G500 monitor. Based on the new Sony FD Trinitron tube technology, the G500 is a totally flat 21" (19.8" viewable) monitor featuring a 0.24mm aperture grill pitch.

Equipped with Sony's HiDensity Electron Gun™ system and Enhanced Elliptical Correction System™ technology, the monitor delivers superior image clarity as well as truer and brighter colours. What all these translate into is a consistently clear display with rich colours from one corner of the screen to the other! 

The G500 also comes with a high-contrast black coating to reduce glare and washout caused by ambient light. This improves contrast and greyscale performance.

Aside from visual goodness, Sony reworked their user interface, leaving little to be asked for. The new Sony DisplayMouse™ menu control makes the monitor easier and more convenient to setup. The Accurate Image Restoration™ ensures that the display quality remains crisp and sharp after years of use.

Here's a rundown of the specifications:

  • 21" (19.8" VIS) FD Trinitron™ CRT - Virtually-flat, high-resolution screen delivers outstanding image quality with reduced glare

  • 0.24mm Aperture Grille pitch - Sets new standard in image clarity and precision

  • Digital-contrast black screen coating - Produces superior contrast and grayscale performance

  • HiDensity Electron Gun™ with enhanced Elliptical Correction System™ - For consistent accurate focus across the screen, even in corners

  • Display Mouse™ OSD menu control - Simplifies monitor setup, troubleshooting and adjustment

  • Accurate Image Restoration™ - Resets display to original brightness and contrast settings

  • Maximum Resolution of 2048 x 1536 @ 75Hz

So, What's so Good about Flat Tube Anyway?
If you haven't seen a flat-tube monitor in action, I suggest you go down to your nearest dealer for a lookie at 'em. Sony’s new FD Trinitron display gives demanding graphics professionals the "best-of-class" performance.

Mum! The monitor is totally flat! Noticed the 'fishbowl' looking 17" monitor on the right?

A flat tube CRT is able to maximize picture quality while having a small footprint that requires minimal desktop real estate. The great thing about this is that you will have a large screen display but a reduced monitor footprint.

A flat CRT design also translates into reduced geometric distortion and glare. This is especially crucial for users who spend countless hours in front of the monitor.

"The Trinitron legacy continues with the introduction of our flagship 21-inch FD Trinitron™ display," said Sean O’Brien, director of display marketing for Sony Information Technologies of America (ITA). "Our G500 elevates CRT technology to a higher level by providing a reference standard for the computer graphics display industry. The introduction of Sony’s new FD Trinitron technology is as significant today as the original launch of Trinitron technology, 30 years ago."

Yup, I don't think I can stand 'fishbowl' looking monitors anymore after using the G500.


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