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Wait a minute, there were optical mice long ago!
Optical mice in the past relied on special gridded mousepads. These mousepads are often simply small and thin metal pieces with printed grids. Older optical mice capture fewer images per inch as compared to traditional mice, resulting in a tracking ability of less precision. Its performance hence left much to be desired. Perhaps that’s why the optical mouse never really caught on.

Okay, so what's the difference between a normal mouse? Traditional mice track movement by means of a mouse ball that is in contact with rubber rollers. Sadly, any mouse that uses a mouse ball will, over time, accumulate lint or dirt on the mouse ball, the rollers inside the mouse and within the ball-cage. This will undoubtedly affect the tracking performance of the mouse and sometimes, produces an irritating click whenever the mouse is used. 

The only way to remedy this would be to open up the ball cage and clean the ball and rollers. Though this sounds easy, it is still considered a chore which can be really tedious.   

No dirt on the lens

With IntelliEye technology, there will never be any build up of dirt on the lens. Microsoft actually situated the lens within a small groove on the underside of the mouse such that it never contacts the surface. 

Formula : Less Contact = Less Dirt = Less Cleaning! 

If there’s any cleaning to be done, a wipe using a slightly damp cloth should be sufficient.

Big Deal, so what if I clean less?
Don’t you just hate it when your one-month old mousepad warps beyond recognition? Doesn't it irk you to find that you never have enough space on the mousepad, with the mouse always ‘rolling’ off the edges? With the IntelliMouse, you no longer need to have to use a mousepad. In fact, you can use the mouse on almost any solid surface you can think of! 

A car bonnet? Sure! Your cargo pants? Why not? You can also use it placed against a wall or even rolled over your tummy! 

This is great news for laptop owners, as they can place the mouse on any surface and it will still be able to track. 

However, the mouse will not work on surfaces with little or no detail. Mirrors and highly reflective surfaces won't do. 



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