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Both mice are USB and PS/2 compatible. You simply attach the USB to PS/2 adapter to use the mouse as a PS/2 device.

IntelliMouse shown with the USB to PS/2 adapter

There are advantages and disadvantages of using either USB or PS/2. 

While a standard PS/2 mouse updates 40 times per second under Windows 95/98 and 60 times per second under Windows NT, a USB mouse updates 125 times per second. This higher report rate theoretically makes a USB mouse much more responsive and precise during gameplay, offering real competitive advantages.

Thereís a downside to using a USB mouse, however. Youíll be able to use it in a Windows DOS box; But if you choose to boot up in native DOS, youíll just have to use the PS/2 version as DOS doesn't support USB. 

But either way, installation is a breeze, especially with USB where the mouse is installed under 30 seconds!

Optical Performance
Thanks to IntelliEye technology, both mice offer incredible tracking precision. My old Logitech mouse didnít feel as precise even after a cleaning session! Seriously, I donít think I can ever go back to using a standard mouse anymore. Once again, Microsoft has brainwashed me!

The Explorer is noticeably larger than the IntelliMouse. It has the bias requirement that the user be right-handed. The best way to hold the Explorer would be to rest your hand on it. This is unlike the IntelliMouse where your wrist will still rest on the table.

Microsoft Explorer

Intellimouse with IntelliEye
Intellimouse with IntelliEye (darn, sure is a long name) comes with two buttons as well as a rubber grooved wheel to provide better grip and traction.

Noticed the rubber grooved wheel?

Mum! Where're my balls? Smacked right in the center is the optical sensor

The LED is pretty bright. As with all products using optical technology, make sure you do not stare at the LED for too long (unfortunately I was attracted by the red beam of light). One interesting point to note is that the mouse will automatically dim the LED if it detects itself being lifted off the surface. 

I have yet to get comfortable with the Explorer (not in that way!). The Explorer is definitely one big rodent. While trying to press the two additional buttons on the side, I would somehow press the right mouse button. Hmm... perhaps my hand is too small? You see, unless you position your hand perfectly on the Explorer, youíre gonna be pressing a few buttons by mistake.

Buttons and Wheels...

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