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Buttons and Wheels
As mentioned earlier, the IntelliMouse has a total of three buttons whereas the Explorer has five. The two additional buttons on the Explorer have been positioned where you would normally rest your thumb. Their default settings enable you to navigate Forward and Backward on the browser. Though it takes some getting used to, itís a feature I can certainly live with.   

Close up shot of the rubber grooved wheel

The IntelliMouse and the Explorer both have the often replicated IntelliMouse Wheel (The wheel can function as an additional button when pressed). The Explorerís wheel is slightly 'looser' than usual. This is great for scrolling through long documents or web pages. The IntelliMouseís wheel is 'tighter' than the Explorerís, making for better accurate weapon switching in FPS games like Quake 3. 

Noticed the extra two buttons at the bottom?

This is a take from the reviewers' manual : ďFor specialized functions, such as game software commands, you can map both the game command and the mouse button to the same keyboard key. In addition, the five buttons on the IntelliMouse Explorer will be supported directly in DirectX 7.0 API, allowing you to skip the step of programming a keyboard key first.Ē Groovy...    

IntelliPoint 3.0 software allows you to choose your current mouse device

With the included IntelliPoint 3.0 software, you can easily remap the mouse buttons to suit your specific commands. You can choose 35 different Windows functions to map each of the buttons to. You can also adjust various mouse settings such as double click speeds, pointers and orientation.

Various settings allows you to set options to control the behaviour of the mouse.


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