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By Wy Mun
Hardware One

 Preliminary Ramblings

Even before the K7 in its final silicon form was available, the PC industry was already alive with ramblings on how it would effectively displace INTEL as the next generation CPU to get. Already, its specs looked immensely promising, sporting an extravagant 128KB L1 cache together with entry speeds of 500MHz (50MHz more than INTELís P3), support up to 200MHz bus-speeds and a full pipeline, super-scalar FPU design, it seems that AMD has finally a CPU in top-notched condition.

However, even after several weeks into the Athlonís official launch, users were estranged with the lack of motherboards in the market to use it with. In fact, during its launch date, 3rd party motherboards supporting it were virtually non-existent in the market (at least in Singapore), despite commercial availability of OEM Athlons. Understandably, this was partly due to AMDís decision to use an unprecedented slot-A type socket that necessitated drastic re-engineering in motherboard design. However, perhaps this is also indicative of INTELís stronghold in the PC arena with motherboard manufacturers reluctant to jump upon the Athlon bandwagon as yet.

When the Athlon motherboards finally did trickle in, many did not offer the same level of control as their BX counterparts. Letís see if this has changed with the K7MÖ

Please, tell me it has!! I need a
decent motherboard for my featured-filled AthlonÖ

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