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The Undisputed King In Features

Okay, so I guess youíre all wondering what distinguishes this board from the rest of the pack. Well, youíll be pleased to hear that the manufacturer has literally outdone themselves in terms of features. There are in fact, more gadgets on this board than any Iíve ever seen (probably rivaling the most complicated BX boards in the market today). Just check out the highlights below, and you can see why INTEL should be more than concerned with this motherboardís support and overclocking capabilities for the Athlon:

  • North Bridge System Chipset: AMD-751 chipset with AGP/PCI/Memory controller that supports up to 200MHz FSB, 768MB PC-100 SDRAM DIMM, compliant with AGP2.0 specs (2x and 1x AGP modes), PCI 2.2 bus interface
  • South Bridge System Chipset: VIAVT82C686A PCI set with PCI Super I/O integrated peripheral controller supports UltraDMA/66
The VIA chipset
  • 3 DIMM sockets for PC-100 SDRAM (up to 768MB)
  • Thermal Sensor Connector with Optional Sensor: Accurately detects the CPU temperature when used with the ASUS Smart Fan via an ASUS P2T-Cable
  • 05 x 32-bit PCI 2.2 slots and 01 x 16-bit ISA
  • Wake-Up Support: Supports Wake-On-LAN and Wake-On-Ring
  • AMR Slot: Audio Modem Riser (AMR) slot supports an audio/modem card
  • AGP slot (2x or 1x mode compatible)
  • 4 USB ports: 02 on back-panel and 02 via mid-board (bundled with my sample)
  • UltraDMA/66 and UltraDMA/33: Onboard PCI Bus Master IDE controller supporting 04 x IDE devices on 2 channels
  • SmartBIOS with an extended 2Mb firmware that gives more control and flexibility for menu options in the BIOS
  • Colour-coded connectors (compliant to PCí99)
  • Onboard Audio + Gameport (optional): Hardware ACí97 V2.1 CODEC compliant, 3D sound circuitry, sample rate conversion from 7kHz to 48kHz. Full audio output can be directed to the chasisí internal speaker if desired. An external standard gameport is also available for gamepads / joysticks, etc. Note that this feature is only available on selected models (my sample had this).
  • Infra-red Interface: Supports optional remote control packages
  • PC Health Monitoring: Onboard ASUS hardware ASIC can monitor fan status, system voltages and temperatures via bundled ASUS PC Probe software. BIOS also has voltage monitoring and alert built-in to power off fans automatically in Sleep Mode

Wow, letís focus on the some of the above and more specialties of the motherboard:

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