Logitech Cordless Wheel Mouse - Page 1

By Julian
Hardware One

A cordless mouse … why would anyone want a cordless mouse?  Well, if your table was full of wires like mine, you’d want to clear the mess a bit, a cordless mouse will certainly help.

In my case, I have to share the use of the computer mouse with a left-hander which makes the case for a wireless mouse even more compelling. This is because when you have a right hander & a left hander sharing a computer, the mouse & mouse pad often gets shifted from right to left of the keyboard and vice versa. With the use of the standard wired mouse, the wire gets in the way and also increases the mess of wires on the table.

Last but not least, when you need to snatch the mouse away faster than a hyperactive two-year old toddler, the wireless mouse is just indispensable. So the need for a wireless mouse in my case was rather obvious.

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