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Specifications & Requirements
The system requirements for the Logitech wireless mouse are:

  • IBM compatible system

  • Windows95 or Windows NT 4.0 (required for scrolling)

  • PS/2 port or serial port

The entire package came packed in a nice box with decent information on the back of the box. Inside, the box contained the following:

  • 1 Logitech Cordless Wheel Mouse

  • 1 Compact Receiver

  • 2 diskettes containing the MouseWare software

  • 1 PS/2 to serial port adaptor

  • 2 AAA batteries

  • 1 User Guide

  • 1 3 year limited hardware warranty certificate

The mouse looks well built and does not feel like a cheap mouse.  The compact receiver is also well built and feels very light. The supplied User Guide is, at most, perfunctory, serving only to help the user set up the mouse and going through the software installation in 3 languages. Aside from that, there is not much else in the User guide. I forgot to mention the section on “Important Ergonomic Information”, which tells you how to reduce the risk of injury in relation to using the computer.

The Logitech wireless mouse has the following features:

  • Digital radio communication

  • Scrolling wheel

  • 400 dpi resolution

  • 3 button programmable (the wheel also functions as a button)

  • 2 available channels for communication (selectable)

Swiss Technology
The wireless mouse features the use of digital radio technology for the communication between the mouse and the compact receiver. Apparently, digital radio technology allows for better reliability for the communication between the mouse and the receiver.


Digital radio communication is supposed to be less susceptible to interference from other sources of radio signals. The digital communication between the mouse & the receiver has a range of six feet. Logitech claims that objects between the mouse and the receiver do not affect the mouse performance.

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