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After the installation of the mouse & the software, the mouse worked like any other mouse (with a scroll wheel). The only difference is that when you have to move your mouse around the table, you do not have to deal with the wires involved. At 400 dpi resolution, the movement of the mouse for most applications is smooth. I suppose it will be a plus for the Quakers and FPS enthusiasts. The shape of the mouse provides for a comfortable grip, with its size just right for my palm.

However, the digital communications between the mouse and the receiver can be affected by the monitor and the placement of the receiver, in my case, my Viewsonic E771 monitor and the placement of the receiver on the top left corner of the monitor. At my normal desktop resolution of 1024*768*32 bits (under Matrox drivers), the mouse works fine. However, if the drivers get switched to “Standard VGA” at 640*480*16 colours (i.e., windows default driver & resolution), the mouse becomes a bit flaky in its movement. Moving the receiver away from the monitor helps or changing the communications channel can also help improve the mouse performance. I suppose placement of the receiver away from the monitor would solve most of these kinds of problems.

Both my wife and I love the scroll wheel. In fact, you get so used to having it that unconsciously your index finger searches for it even when you are using the standard mouse (as in my office). The scroll lock function is pretty cool too, especially if you belong to the people with the nth degree of laziness. For those who are not familiar with this AutoScroll function, what happens is that when you depress the scroll wheel, a little buttons appears on screen so that now you can actually scroll up and down your document or web page by merely moving the mouse up and down. The slight drawback, though, is the speed is a bit jerky and the movement up and down is a little less refined compared to the scroll wheel. But I guess it is a matter of user preference and habit.

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