Logitech Cordless Wheel Mouse - Page 5


After about a month of usage, I can say that the Logitech wireless mouse is pretty good especially when there is a left handed person sharing your computer and wires scattered over my desktop like leftover spaghetti.

In my case, I have a left-hander sharing my computer (I am the right one – pun intended). My left-handed wife, with a slightly more dainty hand and fingers, feels that the “hump” of the mouse is a little too high and hence uncomfortable for her hands. As for me, it fits me fine and I think it was ergonomically made for male hands (what do you expect, since it is probably designed by a guy as well!).

The good thing about it is that you can move the mouse to wherever you want and still use it within range. Whenever I use my Sidewinder Force Feedback wheel, I have to shift the mouse out of the way. With all these different placements of the mouse, the wireless nature of the mouse is certain a plus.

The scroll wheel and AutoScroll function are the other cool stuff about this gadget. Once you get used to these features, there’s no turning back. The only downside to it is the cost – SGD$77.00, which is pretty steep price to pay for a rodent.

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