MS SideWinder Force Feedback Wheel - Part 2

I rushed home in eagerness to set up the Wheel and got a feel of what my S$330 had put on my hands. Moreover, I had to attend a friend’s wedding on that same evening. I had to work fast and set up the wheel so that I could get a whiff of what’s to come after the wedding dinner. Opening the box revealed the items, which came with the MS Sidewinder FF Wheel:

  1. 1 steering wheel assembly with the desk/table clamp mechanism.
  2. 1 set of foot pedals
  3. 1 power supply
  4. 1 piece of plastic for the clamping mechanism on the steering wheel assembly
  5. Software Bundle (3 CDs) – MS Cart Precision Racing, Monster Truck Madness 2 & Driver CD.
  6. Associated manuals, warranty card, etc.

All the parts looked well constructed with sturdy black plastic, very traditional of MS’s hardware. Unlike the Sidewinder Force Feedback joystick, the wheel does not have a fan (which was said to contribute a lot of noise).

tiptronic_gear.jpg (10126 bytes)
"Tiptronic" gear change buttons

The wheel has 6 buttons on each side at the front and two other "lever-like" behind the wheel – very much like the tiptronic gear change buttons (found in F1 cars & the new Ferrari 450s). Smack in the middle of the wheel is another indented button which toggles the force feedback. It does this on-the-fly whether or not you are in/out of a game.

6 buttons & Force Feedback Toggle (Center)
Pedals design

The foot pedals look very much like those you might find in a high performance sports car (Ok, I have had the opportunity to grace the seats on a Ferrari F40 & a Testarossa before). The accelerator pedal has 6 holes while the brake pedal has 4 holes.

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