MS SideWinder Force Feedback Wheel - Part 3

Not bothering the read the manual, I quickly laid out the contents on the table to figure what goes where. Installation was relatively simple.

"Without looking at the manual, the wheel is pretty easy to set up for any regular gamer"

The steering wheel had 2 connectors and one midi/joystick connector which goes to PC’s soundcard joystick port or gameport. One connector is for the power supply to give the wheel the necessary juice and the other connector was meant for the input from the foot pedals (a PS/2 type connector).

Without looking at the manual, the wheel is pretty easy to set up for any regular gamer. Incidentally, the manual provided by MS was rather skimpy, although thick. On checking the manual later (much after setting up the entire wheel), I discovered that only a mere 5-6 pages were dedicated to the actual description of the wheel, the set up, technical support, etc.. The rest of the manual had 5 other languages of the same thing. Of course, the usual MS spew (EULA etc., etc.) was included.


After ensuring that all the wires were properly connected, I fired up my rig, which consisted the following components:

  • Celeron [email protected]
  • Abit BH6 (BIOS ver FL – unchanged since pruchased)
  • 128 Megs RAM (64Megs LGS, 64Megs Siemens 3rd party)
  • Matrox Millenium G200 @ 115Mhz
  • Powercolor Voodoo2 SLI @ 106Mhz
  • Creative AWE64
  • Toshiba 5x/32x DVD-ROM (SD1202)
  • IBM Deskstar 8.4Gb
  • Quantum FB 2.1Gb

Other non-important components of my rig:

  • Creative Videoblaster BIT Kit
  • SCV’s cable modem
  • HP Colorado Jumbo 350 tape drive
  • Creative PC Works speakers
  • MS Sidewinder Pro
  • 56K Prolink Modem

The strange thing about the wheel is that Win98 did not autodetect it. So I stuck in the driver CD anyway to install the necessary drivers. The drivers installed flawlessly. However, it detected a previous installation of the same Sidewinder software and prompted me if I wanted to overwrite the existing files or not. Fearing any software/drivers conflicts, I went with overwriting all previously installed files regardless of whether they were later versions or not. I can’t remember if I had to reboot my PC.

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