Networking For Everyone - Part 1

By Keith NG
Hardware One

Why network? With the explosion of the Internet and the crash fall of hardware prices, many of us will have separate machines for working and surfing. For some, every member of the family would have his own personal computer.

However many will not want to buy printers and other unnecessary peripherals for each and every computer in the house. Here's where the usefulness of the home LAN (Local Area Network) is best shown. A printer connected to a computer can be shared equally amongst other computers, files too can also be transferred from computer to computer easily. Another latent function of the LAN is that it lets you to play real-time multiplayer games!

In this article , I shall review a product which enables you to effortlessly connect together all your computers

Product review : Compex 10MBits Network Starter Kit (SOHO Series)
Purchased at Interactive Media SLS for $149 (Promo Price), UP S$180

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