NTI Backup NOW! - Part 2

Backing up cannot be any easier - in fact, I'm beginning to find it Fun! :) NTI Backup follows a simple What, Where and How interface. Take a look below:

What stands for "What to backup?". Basically, you just select the directories you want to backup and you can move on to Where. One good thing about NTI Backup is that it allows you to backup across network drives as well. It does so by copying the files you want to backup to the local drive first before writing them into the CD-Rs.

After you finish with What, you move on to Where. Basically this step tells you "Where" you want to backup to, which is obviously to your CD-Recorder drive. It also prompt you for the filename you want your backup file to be. Can't be simpler right?

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Special Thanks to Mr Michael Tan of Convergent Systems
for the provision of the NTI Backup software.