NTI Backup NOW! - Part 5

NTI Backup also has a nifty feature called Compare. This feature allows you to compare your current hard disk with the Catalog file and report any differences between them. You are then alerted of the differences and can choose whether to backup those new files.

Backup NOW! Scheduler
There is also a backup monitoring feature called Backup NOW! Scheduler which allows unattended backup. You can simply set the time and what files to backup, and the scheduler will automatically kick in to backup at the stipulated time. Of course, this is only useful for backing up of data less than 650 MB. You wouldn't want to wake up in the middle of the night to change a new CD-R. :)

Bootable CD
This is the part I love most. The software can actually create a bootable CD for you. So, if your system really fails you, just pop in the bootable CD and everything will start restoring. Simple huh?

NTI Backup NOW! reminds me of the Norton Backup I used many years ago to backup my 120 MB hardisk. I remembered (ya ya, policemen were wearing shorts last time...) using over hundred 1.2 MB diskettes just to backup the harddisk as well as countless hours sitting in front of the computer swapping in and out the floppy disks. Talk about productivity. :)

Anyway, I'm glad that there are software like NTI Backup NOW! for use with the CDRW media. For home users, this form is so much more convenient than tape. The amount of data I back up has grown exponentially from 120 MB to 20 GB, and it would be a nightmare trying to manage 20 GB of data on several hundred diskettes, if I didn't have NTI Backup NOW!.

If you have a CDRW drive, you have no reason not to get the NTI Backup NOW! And once you get them, you have NO reason NOT to do regular backups!

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Special Thanks to Mr Michael Tan of Convergent Systems
for the provision of the NTI Backup software.