ASUS P3C 2000 Camino Board - Page 2

First Impressions

Perhaps, I have been too accustomed to my old BH6 motherboard with mini form-factor, but the P3C2000 motherboard looks huge! Consequently, it took some difficulty to slide it into my mid-tower casing during setup, as the board protrudes well into the area of the HDD housing.  This also meant I had to strain to connect up my FDD and HDD cables, as the motherboard socket connectors are situated directly underneath the HDD housing.

Say “Hi” to the Giant’s motherboard…

I had a friend who complained that most motherboard packaging looked alike (e.g. ABIT, EPoX, etc). Guess ASUS have taken measures to detract from this claim…

ASUS has definitely spiced up their marketing
dept rendering more refreshing box-art

Here’s what comes with the motherboard:

  • 01 x ASUS P3-S2000C

  • 01 x Ultra-ATA66 IDE cable

  • 01 x manual

  • 01 x Floppy Disk Drive cable

  • 01 x Installation CD-ROM disc (with I820 update utility, INTEL LDCM Administrator/Client utility, ASUS PC Probe V2.10, ASUS Update V2.24, PC-cillin 98,V4.06, Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 and Motherboard Info)

Even though the board comes equipped with thermal probe connectors, no thermal probes were bundled with it (unlike the ABIT motherboards).

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