Viewsonic P810 21" Monitor - Part 1

By Denosha

for Hardware One

Test Components
Viewsonic Professional Series P810 21" Monitor
Graphics card: Canopus Total3D 128v 4mb PCI (Riva 128)

The P810 is a 20" viewable monitor (21") housed in a chassis that is smaller than most other 21" monitors, helping you to save precious desk space. Weight-wise, the P810 is VERY heavy (27.5kg) as expected due to the huge CRT tube. However, I found it was only slightly heavier than my Mitsubishi 87TXM 17" monitor but a lot more bulky.

"... the menu provides tons of different aspects that can be "tweaked" to your liking."

Moving this monitor around can be a pain (esp to your back). The depth of the monitor is also surprisingly quite little for a monitor of it's size. Yet again saving more space on your crowded work (or games?) desk. On the bottom of the monitor are the controls which totals 5. The mandatory power button as well as some menu control buttons. Using the 4 buttons to navigate the menu can take a little getting used to but the menu provides tons of different aspects that can be "tweaked" to your liking. I won't get into detail discussing all the different menu items but let's just say it's more than adequate.

"Picture quality is very important in a monitor because you'll be staring at the screen for long periods and nothing can ruin your day more than a lousy picture."

On the back of the monitor are all the connectors (D-sub and BNC-5). One warning though. I would change the power plug that comes with the monitor to the normal 3-pin plug used in Singapore. When I first got my monitor, while booting up suddenly everything went yellow (no amount of tweaking could fix it). I suspect that the plug supplied (not meant for Singapore anyway) did not earth the monitor and a voltage build-up fried the monitor tube. Anyway, I contacted the distributor and after a guy came down to check on it, I got a replacement for free. Good service!

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