Palm III, IIIx, V Overclocking Report - Part 2

Overclocking the Palm III
I never once complained that my Palm III was slow. But until I saw the speed increase I got from overclocking, I was totally spoiled! 

Though the numbers below are 'synthetic' in nature, there's no doubt that things I do, like loading up TealPhone, starting the Trashcan delete option from Launch'em and even the "scans" from ThumbScan all breezed away!

Palm III
16 Mhz Palm III 17 Mhz Palm III
18 Mhz Palm III 19 Mhz Palm III
20 Mhz Palm III 21 Mhz Palm III
22 Mhz Palm III 23 Mhz Palm III
24 Mhz Palm III 25 Mhz Palm III
26 Mhz Palm III

As you can see above, a 20Mhz Palm III would about just match the performance of the Palm IIIx and Palm V at default speeds. I was able to push my Palm III quite a bit further to 26Mhz, obtaining a 143% relative timing to a IIIx. Not bad indeed!

However, after extended period of use at 26Mhz, very very minor character corruption would appear onscreen. So I tuned it a notch lower to 25Mhz and have since used it for weeks without problems. At 137% the relative speed of a IIIx, this is good performance!

Using 27Mhz and 28Mhz, character corruption was abundant. Not a good sign at all. However, for the sake of review, I hesitantly pressed my stylus onto "FASTEST" 29Mhz.

Tada! A black streak ran across the from the top down to the bottom of the screen and my Palm III died. No problems! I only did a soft reset and everything was back to normal at 16Mhz. I learnt and now 25Mhz is my preferred speed now. Stable and fast.


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