Palm III, IIIx, V Overclocking Report - Part 4

Drawbacks and Possible Enhancements

As of now, you still have to manually set the speeds back to "Normal" 16Mhz before you use the IR-port to beam or receive anything.

In v2.0, Jean-Paul included the ability for Afterburner to automatically revert to "Normal" speed, it won't bring it back up to your desired speeds after the hotsyncing process. This is a minor quirk.

Battery Life
Another thing is the higher power consumption with the faster processor speed setting. I haven't a 'benchmark' on battery life, but it appears shorter than before.

In his upcoming version, Jean-Paul will be introducing a new feature which would allow you to specifically customize clock speeds for individual apps.

It works. It's noticeable. It's worth it and I would highly recommend this really nifty utility to any of my friends or readers.

I'm not about to include disclaimers about you damaging your Palm! Just like overclocking your desktop PCs, you gotta be real unlucky to screw things up irreversibly. Hmm... I better say this before it's no longer in fashion, may the FORCE be with you!

Thank you for reading. I welcome any inputs/comments.


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