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By Jeremy
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Sound Blaster Live! Platinum Package

Get Real, Get Live!!
It’s been a year since the original SoundBlaster Live! took the world by storm as the revolutionary audio platform and its unique Environmental Audio. Together with their Cambridge SoundWorks subsidiary, they popularized the trend in Multi-Point speaker systems for the PC. At the same time, Aureal Inc was quick to respond with the launch of their next generation 3D audio platform - A3D 2.0, which promised to rival and challenge Creative’s innovation in audio.

Since then, Aureal and Creative have captured the ears of gamers and undoubtedly dominated the PCI Soundcard market. Games have never sounded better. In fact, they can be surmised in one word – purely AWESOME! Unreal, Half-Life and many other games have proven that good sound is just as important in gaming as 3D graphics. Although a late starter, Creative has unveiled its EAX API to expand their presence as the 3D Audio Standard against A3D. So the battle rages on…

EAX2.0 was introduced months later to incorporate Obstructions and Occlusions in response to their competition, A3D 2.0. Since then, Creative has gathered support from the world’s leading gaming developers to embrace EAX as a growing standard.

A further smart step from Creative was to introduce LiveWare! updates to existing users, providing them with constant new features by downloading programs and instructions onto their EMU10K1 (first reprogrammable chipset). This has left users clamouring for more (without regrets) since the first LiveWare! update. The subsequent updates included new features and more intuitive interfaces, real-time audio effects, EAX 2.0, software enhancements and the list goes on…

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