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Not Just A Gamers’ Card…
Notably, Creative did not limit their soundcards to Gamers alone.   With its real-time effects, varied digital connectors and growing support for EAX, it also caters to computer music enthusiasts and appeals to a larger segment of multimedia users in the market.      

In addition, the last 12 months has seen many audio applications emerging in search for even more connectivity and interactivity, with Internet audio posing as the biggest challenge and opportunity. Internet connectivity is slowly but surely altering the role of audio on the PC. High-quality voice input is of growing importance as people begin talking over the Internet and directly to their PC. Similarly, with numerous people acquiring music via Internet or by ripping MP3s from CDs, this has escalated the importance and need of good audio quality playback on the PC.

In fact, commercial music playback can be considered a substantially larger market than gaming alone. The challenge for audio companies like Creative (and potentially Aureal Inc) is to develop new products that enable users to maximize this potential of an expanded PC application space.

In the past, Creative has consistently succeeded in delivering its promises through new and exciting audio solutions, constantly tailoring and adapting their products to the wants of their customers. With the new demands and needs, Creative has extended their Live! series to the Sound Blaster Live! Platinum rendition. Now, let’s see how it really shines…

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