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Top of card
From an angle - the yellow digital out connector

The Platinum resembles its predecessors in more ways than one. It stills uses the same EMU10K1 chip, that owing to its flexible reprogrammable nature, offers free upgrades in features (for almost a year now) through Creative’s “LiveWare!” program.

The EMU Chip
Standard internal connectors as found
also on the original Live! card

However, the Platinum does differ from its SBLive! predecessors, possessing an additional digital out connector at the back panel.

Connectors found on the back plate

Internally, it sports the same 40 pin connector as the original SBLive!, but this attaches to the Live!Drive instead of the daughter card (Digital I/O module).

Connector to the Live! Drive

In general, the Platinum is typically a Sound Blaster Live! Player card bundled with a Live! Drive. The original Optical I/O daughter board module has essentially been moved to the front panel.

The SBLive! Player and Live!Drive

Of course the interesting component here is the Live!Drive. But more on that later…

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