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The Platinum bundle I received also included the long-awaited Live!Ware 3.0, which is a complete collection of Creative’s new updates with new features, functionality and software together with all previous Live!Ware releases available since its first introduction. Live! Ware 3.0, leverages further on the power of the EMU10K1 processor on the Sound Blaster Live! Platinum, to enable one to experience what Creative term -  the “Internet Lifestyle” and “Personal Digital Entertainment” (PDE). The whole package and software bundle seems to be tailored for the Internet in various ways, encompassing how you hear and see your music and the way you communicate through the Internet. The Sound Blaster Live! Platinum seems designed to enhance your audio experience on the web.  Here are just some interesting applications I evaluated on the Platinum.

Creative LAVA! – Music In Motion
LAVA! (Live! Audio Visual Animation) offers a whole new way of experiencing Internet Music. It is typically a technology that gives visual expression to Internet music and makes it possible for MP3 enthusiasts, musicians and artists to express their creativity visually. It’s analogous to MTV of the Internet!

You can enjoy “dancing” LAVA! scenes as the song is played back. You can create instant interactive music videos with the use of LAVA! scene templates for MP3 songs (it comes with several presets).

Adding an “album” cover to each MP3 song by adding any JPEG images you want is real fun. I used my favorite star’s images as a backdrop to the LAVA scene and associated it with my favorite music. Following those few steps, I was set to share my new creation with friends who would mistake it easily for my very own MTV hit. COOL!

Special effects such as strobing, colored lighting, wire frames, morphing, etc can also be applied to your LAVA! scenes.

More info can be sought at

LAVA! – Music In Motion

Creative Digital Audio Center – Enhanced MP3
with Environmental Audio
Without a doubt, Internet Music is so hot that it has literally become a ‘household’ term for PCs within the past year. Not satisfied with simply providing their customers the basic tools for the creation and playback of plain Internet Music, Creative aims to enhance the user experience of Internet Music through the availability of its Digital Audio Center.

Creative Digital Audio Center (DAC) is a customised version of MusicMatch Jukebox, the best-selling MP3 software on the Internet. MusicMatch Jukebox is the world's first all-in-one MP3 software program, combining CD ripping and MP3 and Real Audio encoding (compression), a sophisticated music database, programmable playlist controls and a multimedia MP3 player.

Creative DAC: Bathroom effects just a click away!

The real highlight of the software however, is its extensive support for Environmental Audio. Users with Sound Blaster Live! Platinum can not only apply Environmental Audio effects in their MP3 playlist, but also directly encode the effects into an MP3 file format. This means that you can create your own Environmental Audio enhanced MP3 songs. This is really splendid news. Now how I wish all other MP3 players could also do that!

Creative MediaRing Talk 99

With the growing popularity of Internet telephony, Creative has teamed up with one of the leading Internet Telephony Company, MediaRing, to offer a special version of their MediaRing Talk 99 software to the Platinum users.

It’s more than a plain Internet telephony software. For PC to PC calls, MediaRing’s patented knocking technology will automatically connect both parties to the Internet if the other party is present. No pre-arrangement to meet on the Net is needed. It is also possible for MediaRing users to make a call from a PC to a normal telephone or even handphone! This is even better than the limited Netmeeting program I usually use.

This special version of MediaRing Talk 99 is also optimized for Environmental Audio and Sound Blaster Live! Platinum. All Sound Blaster Live! users of MediaRing Talk 99 will be able to use Creative VoicePersona; a feature that allows one’s own voice to take the form of different personalities such as Chipmunk, Male-to-Female, Female-to-Male, etc, in voice communications whether over the phone or the Internet. Creative VoicePersona is yet another feature that harnesses the powerful and flexible EMU10K1 audio processor chip. I did try calling someone on the net, utilizing the Male-To-Female personas. This made me sound kinda weird, like a err... ('giggle' =P). After a short talk, the opposite party, who couldn't put up with my pseudo-female voice, hung up. It’s really fun! Give it a go and you will know what I mean (especially on your close friends). 

To promote and enable higher interaction with this application, Creative has launched an online community called Creative VoiceChat at Be sure to pay a visit there and make new friends of similar interest! Hopefully, with the opposite sex??

Now let’s see how the Platinum benefits the 2 generic categories of PC audio-users: Gamers and Musicians…

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