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What about Gamers?

Audio Elevation (Up and Down / Z-axis)
To enhance the gaming experience, the EMU10K1 is reprogrammed to add another dimension to audio delivered in the X- and Y-axis by delivering audio elevation cues in the Z-axis. Audio elevation makes 3D audio positioning even more compelling, making the hottest games even more realistic.

For instance, the gamer can now feel a fighter jet taking off, ascending into the sky and diving down below the clouds. Games like Monoliths' Shogo include this level of support.

32 Accelerated 3D Audio Channels
The latest games utilize many streams of audio, offering crucial sound details and effects needed to place the listener in the game world. Creative believes that there is a need to provide more 3D audio channels to ensure those details and effects are not lost in the audio delivery process. In this respect, Sound Blaster Live! delivers, with 32 accelerated 3D audio channels that will enable the rendition of probably every sound detail in the latest hottest games.

EAX 2.0 - Occlusion and Obstruction Effects
The additional occlusion and obstruction effects which EAX 2.0 delivers on the Sound Blaster Live! Platinum provides more control of the audio environment for a richer listenerís experience.

Occlusion properties simulate different wall materials and thickness to make you perceive that a sound source is coming from another room on the other side of a wall. Obstruction properties simulate sound diffraction around an obstacle to create the sense that a sound source is behind an obstacle, but still in the same room.

What about Musicians?

Huge Palette Of 1024 PCI Voices
Music professionals and enthusiasts will enjoy the increased palette of 1024 voices for music composition. Combined with 64 hardware voices of the EMU10K1, they provide an unprecedented powerhouse of 1088 voices. In fact, it is the most powerful MIDI synthesizer on the PC delivering rich MIDI playback.

More Than 1000 MIDI Instruments
With this large orchestra of sounds, users can create their own music compositions that showcase a variety of instrument sounds.

Vienna SF Studio
Creating SoundFont instruments is now easier than ever with the new Vienna SF Studio for Sound Blaster Live!. This is a highly versatile sampling and editing tool, providing functions similar to professional music samplers. It allows users to record or import any audio sample or sound effect and then convert it into a SoundFont instrument, thus offering them nearly unlimited creation possibilities.

Programmable Effects
The programmable effects have been increased and the user can further combine them creatively to customize and create his/her own special effects, just like using a real effects processor.

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