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Specifications + Bundle
Of course, let’s check out its specifications first, ripped “shamelessly” off its manual:

Readable Discs CD-ROM Mode-1, CD-DA, CD-G, Photo-CD, CD Plus, CD Extra, Video-CD, CD TEXT, CD-ROM XA Mode-2 Form-1, Form-2, CD-I Movies (MPEG), Mix Mode
Recordable Format CD-ROM Mode-1, CD-DA, Photo-CD, CD Plus, CD Extra, CD-ROM XA Mode-2 Form-1, Form-2, Mix Mode, CD-I
Recording Method Track at Once, Disc At Once, Packet Writing (Sequential Write, Random Write), Multi Session
Recording Disc 12cm, 74min, Type80, CD-R/RW
Writable Media CD-R: Ricoh Co., Ltd, Eastman Kodak Co., Sony Co., Mitsubishi Chemicals Inc., Mitsui Chemicals Inc., Philips, TDK Co., Taiyo Yuden Co., Imation Co., Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd., Hitachi Maxell Ltd.

CD-RW: Ricoh Co., Ltd, Mitsubishi Chemicals Inc., TDK Co.

Disc Diameter 12 cm
Rotation Speed 32X Speed (Read) PCAV 6,890 rpm
8X Speed (Write) Outer Track 1,600 rpm
Inner Track 4,220 rpm
Single Speed Outer Track 200 rpm
Inner Track 530 rpm
Interface Enhanced-IDE
Data Transfer Rate Read: 2,080 – 4,080 KB/s (Max); Linear Velocity: 1.3 m/s; Write: 1,200 KB/s
Burst Mode 16.7 MB/S (Max)
Access Time Random Access: 170ms
Data Buffer 4 MB
Optical Pick-Up Laser: Semiconductor
Slide Mechanism DC Motor, Gear
Spindle Motor Brushless Motor
Error Rate Mode-1: 1 Block/1012 Bits; Mode-2: 1 Block/109 Nits (Reference)
Disc Indicator Busy
Disc Loading Auto, Disc Tray
Headphone Jack Stereo Mini-Jack: 0.8 V 32 Ohm
Volume Control Wheel Knob
Power Supply DC: +5V 1.2A; +12V 1.2A
Power Consumption 16W
Interface Connector IDE Bus 40 Pin Header Type
Audio Output Analog Output
Jumper Switches Master, Slave, CSEL
Setting Place Temperature: 5 – 40 deg C; Humidity: 20 – 80% (Non-condensing)
Storage Location Unit Temperature: -35 – 55 deg C; Unit Humidity: 20 – 95% (No condensation)
Dimensions 146 x 41.3 x 202 (mm)
Weight 1.2 kg
MTBF 60,000 POH

Guess there isn’t anything distinct to point out, especially since other 8432 drives of similar specifications have already hit the market.  With a reasonable seek speed of 170ms, I guess it’s not touted as the fastest 8432 drive – I believe Sony’s CRX-140e rendition is rated at 150ms. Also, Yamaha’s latest 8424 drive comes with 6x writing capability in addition to the normal 1x, 2x, 4x and 8x writing speeds – a distinguishing point that other drives have yet to emulate.

Nevertheless, let’s look at the complete bundle…

The drive I received didn’t have a box for packaging.  Nevertheless, the essentials are there…
  • 01 x Plextor PX-W8432Ti CD-RW IDE drive (‘T’ stands for the Tray type loading & ‘i’ for internal); firmware 1.04 (updated from 1.03 via Plextor’s web-site)
  • 01 x 2-pin Digital CD-audio cable
  • 01 x 40-pin IDE ribbon cable
  • 04 x mounting screws
  • 01 x Emergency stick to manually eject potential stuck discs (upon power cuts)
  • 01 x CD-ROM Disc of Plextor Manager 2000 (PM2000) v1.03 Utility software

That’s all it comes with apparently. I was slightly disappointed, as the OEM version I received didn’t come with a good retail software pack. Hopefully, Plextor will bundle Adaptec’s Easy CD Creator and Direct CD (highly acclaimed + user-friendly CD-writing software) in their final retail version. Having said that, let’s see how their Plextor Manager 2000 fares for my CD-R/RW needs…

Does their software match up to the
quality of the Plextor drive itself?

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