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In my case, installation was hassle free on my ABit BX6-2 and I proceeded on to pump up the chip by changing the FSB settings in Soft Menu II. An additional point to note is that the chip was running at an okay 44 degrees Celsius without an orgy of expensive cooling devices or a box of dry ice.

In addition to my existing two chassis fans and HDD "King Kong" fan triplet, I installed a $S25 single ball-bearing CPU cooling fan(buckle cooler) from Globalwin. A stable ceiling of 527 Mhz (117 x 4.5) with a clock divider of 1/3 was reached with my chip. A 558 Mhz (124 x 4.5) setting was achiveable, but Win98SE refused to complete its startup. Bummer...

300A running at 117 Mhz * 4.5

Winbench99 was run on on the P3-450 at the default 450 Mhz and overclocked 527 Mhz as well as on the 527 Mhz souped up Celeron to obtain a performance comparison. Here's the setup of the test system :

  • ABit BX6 2.0 Motherboard
  • Hyundai 128 MB PC-100 SDRAM
  • IBM Deskstar 10GP 10.1GB HDD
  • Voodoo3 3000 AGP 16MB
  • Win98 SE

All tests were run a total of four times with the results averaged to determine final score.

Synthetic CPU Benchmark (No SSE Support Enabled)

Longer bar represents better performance

Longer bar represents better performance

As you can see, the overclocked Celeron 300 performed marginally better than the similarly overclocked Pentium III-450. I was a little suspect after the first test, but the same result was produced for the other three times in which the test was done. But I guess this should've been rather expected as several sites have reported a Celeron-500 outperforming a P3-500. But what's more important here is that a S$110 Celeron chip easily outperformed a S$450 P3-450 when overclocked.


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