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Feedback From the Rest of Us
As I've mentioned, a number of us here at Hardware One have been using the chip. Here's a summary of what we feel :

Wilfred's initial attempt was to run the chip at an overclocked 527 Mhz with a clock divider of 1/3 (at 2.0V). However, his hard disk got corrupted a few days later because his IBM Deskstar 14 probably couldn't handle the overclocked system bus. He then stepped down the divider to 1/4 and restored the contents of his drive albeit not fully due to the partial corruption of his Norton Ghost image file.

Kan has managed to get a fortunate hands-on on one which could do an elusive 558 Mhz. No problems were reported in his department. Here's a snapshot of the feat :

To wrap it up, I must say that this SL36A batch of Celeron 300As is indeed a godsend for the overclocking community and budget computer enthusiast. If there's an opportunity for any of you readers to get your hands on one of them, don't hesitate to get it. With an almost certain overclocking success of 527 Mhz and a S$110 pricetag, you would be hard-pressed to find another irresistable bargain like this in the future. Be sure though, it's an SL36A!!


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