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The smartNIC comes in a regular cardboard box with a simple but neat cover design. Its contents however, are a little disappointing. Below is the list of the package contents :

  • The smartNIC Network Adapter.

  • A USB Cable - 1.5 metres (approx. 4.5 feet).

  • An installation diskette.

  • A User's Guide.

Contents of the Package

For a package costing S$128, there sure isn't much to get. The User Guide is rather skimpy and assumes a basic understanding of network setup. Beginners attempting to set up their first network may be stumped as the instructions do not detail the settings and steps. Users with networking experience should have no problem setting up the smartNIC.

I would have liked network cables to be included in the package though. There is no indication on the box to tell the potential buyer that he has to separately purchase the cables. This is only stated in the manual, which is rather pointless. In fact, the packaging explicitly states that it is a "complete all-in-one solution" and that "everything required to get connected is included in the box".

Hmm… I can imagine someone taking home a set only to find that he has to make another trip to the hardware store just to get a pair of network cables!

The adapter itself measures 92 x 67 x 27mm (3.6 x 2.6 x 1.1 inch), making it small enough for any notebook user. It also sports a RJ-45 jack that can connect Category 3 or 5 Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) network cables. There is an LED on the adapter to indicate connection status. There isn't one to indicate data traffic though.

Relative size of the smartNIC. (From Right : Lucent Technologies WaveLAN, Xircom Credit Card 10/100, smartBridges smartNIC)

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