Videologic SonicVortex2 - Part 1

By Wilfred

Hardware One

A company more famous for video-related products, Videologic also dabbles in the field of soundcards. Having produced a fine line of ESS-audio based products like the SonicStorm Pro (ESS Maestro-2E) and SonicStorm (ESS Maestro-1), they seemed set to deliver another outstanding value card. But this time with Aureal’s Vortex 2 setting the stage – introducing the SonicVortex2.

With this move, Videologic will be joining the battle between the standing players in the Vortex 2 camp, namely Diamond, Xitel, Turtle Beach and Terratec. Needless to say, joining this side of the camp places it squarely as an alternative to the wildly popular SoundBlaster Live! Card from Creative.

Let us first take a look at its contents, features and specifications.


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