Videologic SonicVortex2 - Part 5
Impression #1
After toying around with the card for the past week, I've summed up the impression of my first encounter with a Vortex 2 card.

The Bundle
Nope, this is just supposed to be that no-frills card they promised. At S$155, this is the lowest priced Vortex2 card you will find (though it is hard to pass the S$157 MX300). There's not much of a bundle to speak about.

Jet-Audio is a fine piece of software that will allow you to play a large variety of file formats, MID, WAV, MP3, RA, and more. It can double up as your VCD and CD player. Throw anything at it.

Then there is Yamaha XG SoftSynth, a high quality MIDI synthesizer which, while eating up CPU cycles, will deliver you rich MIDI voices. The other tool worth mentioning is Yamaha XG Studio - an application that allows MIDI enthusiasts to create new instruments. This sums up the useful stuff. You wouldn't miss a great deal not installing the other trialwares. What's next?

The game demos are worse. Not only are they demos, they are really dated demos and I don't understand why they are found on the disc at all. Nobody will want them.

The casual user who needs an advice from the manuals or installation guide will find out that the box shipped with a short, but sufficient, 'CD-sleeve' install guide. If you ever require more documentation or help, the manual is found on the CD.


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