Sony Maximum Performance Upgrade Kit - Part 5

7. Audio Quality

7.1 Analog Output
I could not discern any appreciable differences between the analog audio quality of the Encore and the REALMagic. Both downmixed the Dolby Digital Soundtrack to a stereo Dolby ProLogic signal with no problems.

Audio playback on my Desktop Theatre 5.1 (set to Dolby Pro Logic mode) played back the surround effects properly.

7.2 Dolby Digital AC3 Output
It was only when I switched to AC3 SPDIF audio that I began encountering problems.

There seems to be a conflict between my Desktop Theater 5.1 whenever there is a pause in the audio signal, such as when

a. I do a chapter skip, or
b. during the DVD menus when there are no sounds

In these cases, there is

a. a short audible click
b. a series of audible clicks that only ends when movie playback is resumed

(The Encore did not exhibit any of these problems when I hooked it up to the DT5.1)

The movie soundtracks, even the silent passages, played just fine, as long as I did not interrupt the movie, and were as vivid and exciting as I remembered them when I was playing them on the Encore.

I can’t really fault the REALMagic entirely for this problem. I was told that the REALMagic worked perfectly on a Pioneer Dolby Digital amplifier.

It is likely that there is a conflict between the DT5.1 kit and the REALMagic, and I would recommend that you avoid pairing up these two components, unless you can return them to the store where you purchased the items, in case things don’t work out.


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